pur air family- pure airAsk about the Healthy Home Specialist program at Field Controls. We can help your company take advantage of the growing interest in Indoor Air Quality. Your customers want it. We provide all the training, tools, and marketing support you need to deliver it.

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The Right Products
The Best Product Offering in the Business

The Healthy Home System practically sells itself. Consumers naturally understand the benefits of breathing air that is Fresh, Clean, and Pure. They like the idea that it piggybacks on their existing forced air system, and they especially like the price. The Healthy Home System is the most complete residential IAQ system on the market, built around the innovative Healthy Home System Control that integrates the central fan with the other components.


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The Right Program
Healthy Home Specialist Program

Field is working to turn contractors into IAQ experts. Our Healthy Home System™provides a total Indoor Air Quality package contractors can market as a whole home solution. Each contractor receives in-depth product knowledge and sales training. Then we provide marketing tools he can use to educate customers and generate leads. Finally, our program includes special incentives designed to produce traffic in your branches.


The Right Contractor Training
Product Knowledge

Field Controls has developed an in-depth product knowledge program that provides a strong foundation for sales, installation, and maintenance of our extensive product line. We break down the fundamentals of air quality, detailing the challenges, the opportunities, and the solutions that lead to healthy air that is Fresh, Clean, and Pure. Product training includes installation options, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting.

Since 32% of homeowners purchase IAQ products when presented options, we provide in-depth training on how to sell IAQ in general and the Healthy Home System in particular. We show you how to introduce the subject, educate the homeowner, and present the best solution for each home.

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All classes are NATE and NORA certified.

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