Stainless Steel Construction

Chimney Top Draft Inducer

For Wood/Gas/Coal Fireplaces

The Type C Chimney Top Draft Inducer provides negative pressure to overcome the effects of wind, cold chimneys, insufficient chimney height, and downdraft. The Type C Draft Inducer is effective when venting standard fireplaces and freestanding gas fireplaces.

The Type C Draft Inducer is available in four sizes: 6", 8", 10", and 13", and is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. It is insulated to withstand peak temperatures up to 1300 degrees F and operates continually at 900 degrees F without overheating the motor windings or bearings. It can operate with a standard manual on-off switch, or can be installed with the Field Controls variable speed motor control.

When to Use a Chimney Top Draft Inducer

• To Provide Additional Air
A considerable amount of air is necessary to allow for good chimney draft. In many tightly constructed homes, this air is not readily available. The addition of a Type C Draft Inducer will compensate for lack of air by supplementing the chimney’s natural draft.

• To Create Draft in Cold Chimneys
A chimney, especially on an outside wall, may be so cold prior to starting a fire that no draft exists. A Type C Draft Inducer switched on before starting the fire will provide draft until the chimney has become hot enough to generate a natural draft.

• To Prevent Occasional or Continuous Smoking
Occasional smoking may be the result of several factors including downdraft caused by adjacent buildings, terrain or trees. Remodeling, new additions, or the addition of an exhaust fan can change air flows and result in poor draft. Or a fireplace design inadequacy, such as an undersized flue, may prevent adequate draft.

Motor Information Speed Control
Inducer Size Volts Amps Watts Hz RPMs Max. Hearth Opening Volts Amps Hz
6" Type C 115 .81 57 60 1550 3.5 sq. ft. 115 5 60
8" Type C 115 .81 57 60 1550 7 sq. ft. 115 5 60
10" Type C 115 3.75 252 60 1050 12 sq. ft. 115 5 60
13" Type C 115 3.75 252 60 1050 30 sq. ft. 115 5 60

Dimensions (inches)
Model A B C D Max. HearthOpening
6" C Draft Inducer 5 59/64 16 3 15/32 14 3/4 3.5 sq. ft.
8" C Draft Inducer 7 15/16 16 3 3/8 14 3/4 7 sq. ft.
10" C Draft Inducer 10 16 3 3/8 14 3/4 12 sq. ft.
13" C Draft Inducer 13 16 3 14 3/4 30 sq. ft.