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Field Report: How Effective is UV for Air Purification?

For many years, ultraviolet light has proven effective in sterilizing medical equipment, purifying water and processing food. Currently, the use of UV lights is gaining industry acceptance in HVAC applications. Microbe Management, Inc., a testing agency in Greenville, NC, has conducted three separate tests to examine UV’s effect on indoor air quality. The test results reviewed in this Field Report article conclude that UV is an integral part of a whole house approach to improving Indoor Air Quality.

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"I could already see a difference in the mornings. I always wake up stopped up and I haven’t these past couple of days. We’re already beginning to see some improvements. I know that it’s going to improve our lives, that it’s going to improve the quality of air in our home, and that does make me feel very comforted."

— Andy and Willa Spivey, North Carolina