Oil Vent Damper

Put a Damper on Oil Heating Bills

Install a Field Controls Oil Vent Damper system on chimney
vented atomizing oil heating appliances.


• Reduces heating bill
• Improves efficiency
• Increases comfort
• Reduces off-cycle heat loss


• Available in sizes 4"– 8"
• Blocked vent safety switch included
• Automatic power open/power close
• Two internal safety switches
• Flex seal provides self cleaning action
• Hold open service switch
• Stainless steel construction
• CSA listed
(Listed to UL-17 Standard and CSA B140.14)

Saves Fuel. Reduces Heating Bills. Improves Efficiency.

Invest in your energy future with the Field Oil Vent Damper (OVD) system. It works automatically to save fuel, improve comfort, and keep the heat within the conditioned space. The Field OVD installs in the vent pipe after the draft control and before the chimney. It can increase Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) by up to 2%.

By automatically closing the damper at the end of each heating cycle like a fireplace damper, the OVD prevents drafts, improves comfort, and reduces heat loss. The average boiler or furnace will use a minimum of 5% less fuel. Homes with taller chimneys may save 10% or more.

A seven foot wiring harness is included with a pre-wired WMO-1 blocked vent safety switch. The WMO-1 shuts the oil burner off when a blocked vent condition is detected.

How It Works

1. When the thermostat calls for heat, the vent damper begins to open.
2. Within five seconds, the damper opens completely.
3.Two safety switches prove the damper is completely open before allowing the burner to fire.
4.When the oil appliance thermostat is satisfied, the vent damper remains open for approximately three minutes before closing. This allows the remaining products of combustion to safely vent up the chimney.
5. The vent damper remains closed until the next call for heat, preventing drafts, improving comfort, and reducing heat loss.
Note: Not for use with direct vent systems, sealed combustion systems, or vaporizing type burners.

Field’s Oil Vent Damper increases AFUE by up to 2% which translates to a savings of approximately 5% to 10% per year on heating costs. See the chart for a quick reference of potential savings over five years on a typical mid-efficiency system.