UV-Aire FAQs

Q. What is UV-C light and how does it kill bacteria?
A. UV-C is the invisible, ultraviolet, C-band radiation that makes up part of the sun’s light spectrum. UV-C light prevents growth and germination of microorganisms by altering DNA and RNA and effectively sterilizing organisms. Once sterilized, they cannot reproduce, and with their short life cycles, they are effectively killed.
Q. Why use a UV light product?
A. There are two primary benefits to using UV light. The first is to keep mold from growing by irradiating the surface. The second is to disinfect the air stream as it passes through the HVAC system. A significant disinfection rate is accomplished with repeated circulation of air through the system.
Q. What is the importance of UV light products?
A. People spend over 90% of their time indoors. With little or no ventilation, concentrations of microorganisms will increase indoors, potentially spreading a number of diseases. With increased cases of deaths being caused by various bacterial diseases, controlling the growth and spread of pathogens is of major concern in indoor environments.
Q. How does the UV-Aire differ from other UV-C devices?
A. UV-C energy has been successfully used in many indoor environments. The UV-Aire was developed specifically for use in HVAC systems. It creates a consistent, high output of UV-C energy. The UV-Aire’s intensity output maximizes microorganism disinfection and ensures cleaner indoor air.
Q. Is the product suitable for people with severe allergy or asthma problems?
A. Yes. The UV-Aire can offer relief to many allergy and asthma sufferers by reducing airborne contamination.
Q. Does the UV-Aire produce a fresh-air smell?
A. Many smells are not addressed by the UV-Aire. However, some unpleasant smells develop from the growth of microorganisms. The UV-Aire works to reduce mold and common household germs, in many cases resulting in a fresher smelling environment.
Q. Does UV light take the place of a filter?
A. No. The UV-Aire should be used in conjunction with a filter.
Q. Should the HVAC appliance fan or blower run continuously?
A. No. During normal operation of the heating or air conditioning unit, the blower will circulate the air over the UV lamp from 40-75 times a day, which is sufficient. During moderate weather, when neither the A/C nor heat is on, it is recommended to open the windows to allow for fresh air infiltration and/or to operate the blower continuously (turn on the fan) to circulate air over the UV light.
Q. What precautions should be taken before opening or servicing the ductwork where a UV-C lamp is in use?
A. The UV-C lamp should be turned OFF prior to entering the ductwork. An external switch is provided as well as warning labels regarding service procedures. Direct exposure to UV light is not recommended, as it may cause damage to skin and eyes. Protecting the eyes with plastic protective goggles is recommended.
Q. What effects will UV-C rays have on plastics such as coil pans & flex duct?
A. If the plastic is not UV resistant, UV-C can cause a breakdown of the material over time. Based on lab tests, positioning the lamp 30 inches or more away from plastic surfaces will eliminate any measurable breakdown of plastic material.