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UV Light (Ultraviolet Lights) for Contagious Virus Protection

The world is currently facing a probable epidemic related to a contagious virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), contagious viruses spread from person-to-person, mostly through respiratory droplets that occur when an infected individual sneezes or…

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Tackle Allergies and Improve Air Quality Indoors

With spring comes a welcome change in temperatures and a feeling of rebirth, as shrubs, trees and more sprout beautiful green leaves and multihued flowers. And pollen. Lots of pollen. For some of us, it’s a season of coughing, sneezing,…

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Free Cooling with Fans That Cool The AIr

As we say goodbye to the frigid temperatures of winter and eagerly anticipate the warmth spring and summer bring, we also need to turn on the AC and resent the higher electric bills that come with them. With every downward…

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Attic Fan Vs. Whole House Fan: What’s the Difference?

Keeping homes cool using air conditioning units costs Americans an average of $29 billion every year. Of course, whether you live in a hot climate or not, a cooling system is probably necessary for your health and comfort during warmer…

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