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Stop Illness with Air Quality

Debunking Myths About Indoor Air Quality

In our post-pandemic world, awareness regarding indoor air quality continues to grow rapidly. However, as more people become familiar with indoor air quality, there are also more misconceptions about the subject. As an HVAC contractor, you will find yourself battling these preconceived notions. Since HVAC systems play a big part in how air flows through the home, you will continue to be the go-to person when homeowners have questions about indoor air quality. We’ve listed three of the most common myths concerning indoor air quality and tips for debunking and educating your customers. 

Myth 1: “The air in my home is fine, it’s the outdoor air that is polluted and concerning.” 

Almost every HVAC contractor has heard this one. Many people think that the air outside is the only environment with pollution. However, in many cases, the air inside the home can be MORE polluted than the outdoor air.  

Tips to share with your customer: 

  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside the home and other indoor spaces can be more polluted than the outdoor air. This is true even in the largest and most industrialized cities.  
  • Did you know, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors? If the air inside the home is not clean, you’ll spend most of your time breathing poor air.  
  • Individual sources may not pose a significant health risk by themselves, but most homes have more than one source that pollutes indoor air and serious health risks can occur from the cumulative effects.  
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Speaking of serious health risks, this brings us to our next common myth. 

Myth 2:Poor indoor air quality does not have a negative impact on my health.” 

This is the most shocking myth of them all! Believe it or not, some of your customers are unaware of how poor air quality impacts their health. The truth is harmful particulates that are present in the air will enter your body and bloodstream every time you breathe.

Tips to share with your customers: 

  • Poor air quality can have immediate health effects such as headaches, asthma, irritation of the eyes/nose/throat, fatigue, and dizziness.  
  • Health effects like this can impact your quality of life, sleep, and even your ability to work efficiently.  
  • Poor air quality can also have long-term effects such as respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer. The EPA says it is vital to keep your indoor air clean.  


Myth 3: “I don’t want to treat my air! Air purifiers put harmful and toxic chemicals and gases in my air. It will probably make things worse!”  

Customers have a right to be concerned about ozone production from air purifiers. After all, ozone is a harmful gas that aggressively attacks the lungs and causes health issues. While some air purifiers on the market do produce ozone, there are many effective options that produce zero ozone. 

Tips to share with your customers: 

  • The Field Controls’ Healthy Home System features in-duct air purifiers that DO NOT produce ozone (tested and certified by Intertek)  
  • Healthy Home System options are effective in treating the air in your home by reducing odors, germs, allergens, and airborne particles. 
  • The Healthy System products are not ionizers. Ionizers are air purifiers that produce ozone.  
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Are you ready to offer your customers indoor air quality solutions? 

The Healthy Home System Contractor Program is a partnership between Field Controls and HVAC Contractors. The Field Controls Healthy Home System features a line of in-duct indoor air quality solutions that address the home as a complete system. The Healthy Home System packages the solutions your customers need to breathe better air. Plus, Field Controls will incentivize the HVAC Contractor with a factory rebate for purchases of Healthy Home System contractor program products. The contractor program provides an opportunity for HVAC contractors to grow their business within the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market. 

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