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AC Air Purifier

Installation Tips for the Field Controls DUO 2000

The DUO-2000 Air Purifier

The DUO-2000 is a whole-house air purification system that reduces airborne pathogens, deconstructs volatile organic compounds, and reduces odors. The DUO-2000 can be easily installed into any existing HVAC system in as little as 15-20 minutes. We’ve listed a few quick tips for DUO-2000 installation. Check out the full installation manual here.

DUO-2000 Installation Safety Tips

  • Never expose eyes or skin to the UV-C lamp.
  • Do not touch a broken UV-C lamp or the internal contents of the lamp. It contains mercury!
  • Wear oil-free cotton gloves when handling UV-C bulbs. 
  • If you touch the outside glass of the UV-C lamp, make sure you wipe the glass clean with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free wipe (provided). (Hand oils cause a reduction in the light intensity, hindering the strength of purification.)


Mounting Tips

  • DUO must be mounted at least 3” from plastic materials (wire insulation, flex duct, drain pans). – UV light will break down plastic materials.
  • If you have to mount the unit in close proximity to plastic material, shield them with aluminum foil tape, or sheet metal.
  • Do not mount the unit under a humidifier – this could lead to water damage or, in the worst case, electric shock. 
  • Do not mount this unit outdoors. (This product is designed for indoor installation only.) 

Installation Tips

  • When installing, locate the DUO so that the maximum surface area of the HVAC coil is illuminated, while also as close to the coil as possible. This will maximize the UV light’s effectiveness in reducing organic and biofilm build-up. 
  • The power cord can be plugged into any standard 120-volt outlet. Make sure there is continuous power to that outlet. (Turning the lamp on and off degrades performance and shortens life.) 
  • Once you know the desired installation location, we recommend holding/taping the Duct board Adapter Plate to the area and marking the surface using the outer slots to create a template before you cut. (If measuring, the square should be 5 3/8”).  
  • If mounting on a duct board, attach the adapter plate by folding the inner flaps fully back against the inside of the opening. Seal the edges of the plate to the duct board. (We recommend using mastic foil tape). 
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