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Understanding PRO-Cell Technology

PRO-Cell Technology is a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process designed to have higher effectiveness and efficiency against volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Before we get into the details of PRO-Cell, let’s first discuss the basics of PCO. PCO is a chemical reaction commonly used in air treatment products. It utilizes a catalyst and a form of activation energy to break down toxic gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into safer molecules. One of the most common PCO processes is the catalytic converter in a car. In a car, the PCO process is used to reduce smog and harmful emissions. Catalytic converters use reduction and oxidation (redox) reactions to reduce harmful emissions. They use a reduction catalyst composed of platinum and rhodium. It helps reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) by removing nitrogen atoms from nitrogen oxide molecules (NO and NO2). This lets the free oxygen form oxygen gas (O2).PCO Technology

In summary, the PCO process looks like this:  
Harmful Pollutants –> Catalyst + Activator Reaction –> Harmless substances    

PRO-Cell Technology in Air Treatment

PCO CatalystNow let’s talk about PRO-Cell Technology which is featured in our air purification products, the DUO and TRIO induct air purifiers. As harmful substances enter the unit, they encounter:  

  • The Catalyst: Titanium Dioxide

The pleated aluminum mesh surface is coated with titanium dioxide, which acts as the catalyst. The aluminum mesh surface is coated with titanium dioxide via a patented process for optimal adhesion. The pleated texture of the surface is designed specifically to maximize the surface area of the titanium dioxide that the activator can reach. 

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UV Lamps

  • + Activator: UV-C Light

The high-intensity UV-C lamp provides the activation energy, triggering the reaction with the catalyst. Because of the pleated surface, the UV-C light can reach the maximum amount of the catalyst, titanium dioxide, so the reaction is at peak effectiveness. PRO-Cell technology does not use ionization and it DOES NOT produce harmful ozone. 

What Problems Does PRO-Cell Technology Address?

PRO-Cell technology addresses VOCs, smoke, odors, germs, and allergens. As air cycles through the HVAC system and encounters the DUO and/or the TRIO, VOCs, odors, allergens, and germs that are present are exposed to the reaction between titanium dioxide and UV-C light. The reaction converts them into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. Additionally, PRO-Cell technology helps reduce the buildup of biofilm on the a-coil and in return, the HVAC system runs more efficiently.  

Better Air Means Better Business

Are you an HVAC contractor looking to provide induct UV and PCO air purifiers to your customers? Our Healthy Home System Contractor Program can help you provide industry-leading solutions! Best of all you’ll grow your business and receive rebates.

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