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The Custom Trio Commercial Air Purification System with PCO Technology and Filtration

The Trio is a 3-in-1 package that is scalable and customizable for commercial applications up to 20 tons. Each Trio module contains a four inch MERV 13 high efficiency filter, two 22 inch UVC germicidal lamps, and 10,080 square inches of our patented PRO-Cell™ honeycomb. Each module is sized for a typical 5 ton installation. The units can be pared and bundled as illustrated for increased air cleaning power.

Standard configuration includes:
  • One MERV 13 high efficiency filter
  • One patented PRO-Cell™ PCO module

Bundled Trio Configuration

The custom Cube bundled configuration

A single Cube is capable of total air purification up to six tons. Cubes can be ganged or bundled together to handle up to 36 ton capacity. Each module contains one MERV 13 high efficiency filter to capture particulates and three PRO-Cell™ modules that contain two UVC germicidal lamps and 10,080 square inches of active photocatalytic activated surface area.

Bundled Cube Configuration