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Better Air Means Better Business

To help you build your business, we offer a series of tools to increase your product knowledge, help you educate your customers about IAQ, and ultimately, boost your sales and profitability. Those tools include everything from videos to hats to yard signs. What’s more, there’s a Contractor’s Rewards Program to make sure selling the Healthy Home System is a truly rewarding experience.

Homeowners Want Better Air

Homeowners want to control airborne dust, pollen and dander. They want to reduce bacteria, viruses and mold. They also want to eliminate odors and toxic gases that can permeate their homes. In short, homeowners want air that is clean, pure and fresh all year-round, not just during the heating and cooling seasons.

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Top 3 Allergy Triggers

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), indoor air contains three types of pollutants: Germs, Particulates, and Gases. This pollution is a major source for allergic reactions.

  • 35% of allergic reactions are due to Particulates
  • 31% of allergic reactions are due to VOCs
  • 34% of allergic reactions are due to Germs
allergy relief wih air filtering
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Proposition 65 Compliance

Our commmitment to California Builders and Contractors concerning Propostion 65. Learn More >

Watch why Indoor Air Quality is important.

IAQ Homeowner Facts:

  • 80% of homeowners consider Indoor Air Quality a significant problem.
  • 85% homeowners mentioned having smokers, asthmatics, excess dust, or pets in
    the home which signals the need for better IAQ products.
  • 45% of homes have someone with a respiratory ailment.
  • 33% of homeowners believe that indoor air quality is as important as energy
    efficiency and are willing to spend over $700 to improve it

Clean, Pure, Fresh, and Profitable.

The Healthy Home System gives you a robust new profit center — a complete indoor air quality solution backed by a comprehensive selling program. We make it
easy to sell IAQ.

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