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Duo The Math

Max UV Lamp Intensity + Max Exposure in Treatment Zone = Neutralized Viruses

Induct Air Purifiers & Deodorizers

The Duo-2000 is a super high intensity IAQ solution that offers ultra-high intensity UVGI with more exposure in the treatment zone to stop germs dead in their tracks. PRO-Cell™ Technology utilizes a titanium dioxide bonded aluminum catalytic substrate that maximizes the time germs are in the treatment zone and creates a catalyst when exposed to the UVC light to break down VOCs and odors. Duo-16/24V and Duo-16/120V offer a twist-lock safety switch when replacing the lamp. All Duo systems transform any home’s ducted HVAC system into the industry’s finest air purification system.

Independent lab tests show Duo Whole House Air Purifiers neutralize 93.6% of germs in 2 hours and remove 80% of VOCs in 2 hours.

Duo is fast and effective protection against germs and viruses.

Technology Counts. Count On Duo.

Protect your family, home, and HVAC system with a Duo whole house air purifier. Duo air purifiers also neutralize odors, gases, and VOCs and do not produce harmful ozone. The CDC recommends the use of UV as an effective technology to minimize the spread of airborne microorganisms. ASHRAE has addressed concerns of contagious virus disease transmission with recommended mitigation strategies for whole house and portable systems. Recommended strategies include dilution fresh air ventilation, filtration, and UV.

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