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Healthy Home System

For Indoor Air That Is Clean, Pure & Fresh

Better Air For Better Living

The Healthy Home System® will have everyone in your family breathing easier. It’s a proven and effective way to keep the air in your home clean, pure, and fresh. The Healthy Home System will dramatically improve the air you breathe.

Air Quality Survey

Do you or a family member have allergies? Do you have pets? Many illnesses are passed through the air. Are you customer concerned about airborne germs such as viruses like the flu? Download the Healthy Home System Consumer Brochure and take the survey.

Field Controls’ Healthy Home System® Addresses the Three Top Allergy Triggers

Did you know that:

  • 80% of homeowners consider Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) a significant problem?
  • 85% of homeowners mentioned having smokers, asthmatics, excess dust, or pets in the home, signaling the need for better IAQ products?
  • 45% of homes have someone with a respiratory ailment?
  • 33% of homeowners believe that IAQ is as important as energy efficiency and are willing to spend over $700 to prove it?

While most furnace and HVAC filters do an ok job of filtering large particles from the air, these systems typically only run when heating or cooling is needed like in the summer and winter. This means that the filters are only trapping particles or pollutants from the air when the system is in operation. The spring and fall are peak allergy seasons and typically the AC or heat is not running during these seasons.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), indoor air contains three types of pollutants that trigger allergic reactions:

  • 35% of allergic reactions are due to Partuculates
  • 31% of allergic reactions are due to VOCs
  • 34% of allergic reactions are due to Germs

To reduce the risk if allergic reaction, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends three ways to improve indoor air quality:

  • Control contact with indoor airborne allergens
  • Ventilate indoor areas well
  • Use air cleaners to clean indoor air

Using a portable air cleaner and/or upgrading the air filter in your furnace or central HVAC system can help to improve IAQ. In fact, air filtering updates to the California Title 24 Part 6 code state all HVAC systems, whether a large air handler in an office building or a small fan coil in a hotel room, will require MERV 13 filters. Previously the requirement was MERV 8. Particulate filtration alone, however, does not address the other two pollutants: VOCs and germs.

Controling 3 Types of Pollutants in 3 Ways

The Healthy Home System® from Field Controls is the only whole house air purification system that addresses all top three allergy triggers.

Customizable and compatible with virtually any forced-air HVAC system, the basic Healthy Home System® includes four components:

  • State-of-the-art particulate filtration of MERV 8, 11 or 13 Media Air Cleaners featuring space-saving FlexFilter® replacement filters
  • The ultimate in germicidal protection and coil irradiation with UV-Aire® or FlexMountUV® whole-house air purifiers
  • Odor and VOC gases control of the patented PRO-Cell™ found in the Duo & Trio whole-house air purifiers
  • The HHSC+ control intelligently manages the central fan to ensure clean, pure, fresh air year-round

Since 32% of homeowners purchase IAQ products when presented options, Field Controls helps turn HVAC contractors and technician clients into IAQ experts, enabling them to educate the homeowner and present the best solution for each home.

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