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Stop Illness with Air Quality

Debunking Myths About Indoor Air Quality

In our post-pandemic world, awareness regarding indoor air quality continues to grow rapidly. However, as more people become familiar with indoor air quality, there are also more misconceptions about the subject. As an HVAC contractor, you will find yourself battling…

Healthy Home System Contractor Program

Grow Your HVAC Business  The Healthy Home System Partner Program is a partnership between Field Controls, HVAC Contractors, and Distributors. The Field Controls Healthy Home System features a line of in-duct indoor air quality solutions that address the home as…

The Solution to the Allergy Problem

Indoor air is filled with particulates, gases, and germs that can cause illness and aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems. The Healthy Home System® is the solution to the allergy problem. The Healthy Home System is a whole-home indoor air…

cdc 3 allergy triggers iaq healthy home system, air purifier for the whole house

Healthy Home System

The Healthy Home system is the only air purifier system for the whole house that addresses all top 3 allergy triggers and gives your customers the solution they want while adding to the bottom line of your business. The Healthy…

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