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Central Fan Integrated Ventilation

Central Fan Integrated Ventilation Solutions: Intelligent, Calibrated Fresh Air Supply

At Field Controls we advocate Central Fan Integrated Ventilation. Here’s why. There are three types of ventilation systems for single- or multi-family residences.

Exhaust Ventilation

Meeting code and boasting low installation costs, this type of ventilation is very common with builders. However, these systems typically use a dedicated fan or both fan to exhaust air from the home, creating negative pressure that draws in poor and/or possibly contaminated air through the garage, basement or outside areas, resulting in inferior indoor air quality.

Balanced Ventilation

These systems, such as HRV’s or ERV’s, are ducted into the central air distribution system and use an internal fan to supply fresh air into the home while simultaneously exhausting an equal amount of stale air. Operating continuously or intermittently, balanced ventilation is both quiet and relatively effective in controlling indoor air quality, however, they tens to be more expensive due to equipment and installation cost.

Supply Ventilation

Bringing fresh air in from a known source and circulating it through a space via the home’s forced air heating and cooling system, CFIV (Central Fan Integrated Ventilation) systems provide dilution air (fresh air) to improve indoor air quality.

The Air Movement Innovators

Focused on the movement of air inside the home with a goal to improve indoor environments, Field Controls is an HVAC leader and an innovator in comprehensive fresh air ventilation systems and indoor air quality purification systems.

With far better benefits than Exhaust or Balanced ventilation, CFIV (Central Fan Integrated Ventilation) advantages include:

  • Utilizing the central fan to supply outdoor air through a controlled duct
  • Optimizes circulation and dilution
  • Piggy-backs central fan operation during heating and cooling to maximize efficiency
  • Minimizes energy penalties associated with operation of the central fan or other ventilation devices
  • Operates intermittently
  • Circulates fresh air within the entire home
  • Automatic fresh air damper (FAD) prevents infiltration during off periods

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