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Field Controls is a leader in the development and manufacture of Indoor Air Quality Solutions, Draft Controls, Power Venters, and Combustion Air Systems.

Our training classes are continually updated to include the latest industry information, technology and trends. Each of the classes are NORA and NATE certified and qualify for two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion.

We maintain a complete schedule of upcoming classes on-line. Classes can be customized to meet your specific requirements from beginner to advanced, large groups or small. For more information or to schedule a class at your location, call 252.522.3031.

Five customizable classes to meet your needs.

Indoor Air Quality – Sell. Install. Service.

Here’s the complete package that teaches you how to market, recommend, quote, sell, install, and service custom IAQ systems. The program includes in-depth product knowledge, problem/solution training, a step-by-step local marketing program, sales tools, and much more. Better indoor air quality includes three critical components: Fresh Air Ventilation, Clean Air Filtration, and Pure Air UV Treatment. Learn how you can provide a complete, affordable system for your customer. This Certified Indoor Air Quality training qualifies you for special promotions, sales and marketing support, and much more.

Energy Efficiency & The Whole House

With the renewed emphasis on energy efficiency, it is important to look at the whole house as a system. An increase in a home’s “tightness” reduces air availability and creates air quality problems. It can also cause problems with combustion and venting of HVAC appliances as well as impacting laundry dryers, bath fans, etc. The entire house and all its equipment and systems must work together to keep the inhabitants comfortable and healthy while minimizing energy consumption.

Combustion Air

A system starved for combustion air is a problem waiting to happen. In this class, you’ll learn how to determine when an appliance requires additional combustion air, how to choose the correct system and how to prevent combustion air related soot, shut-downs and call backs.

Power Venting

Properly installed, power venters are safe, reliable and can solve a number of venting problems. In this session, you’ll learn how to install, set-up and service a power venting system for maximum safety, efficiency and trouble-free operation. You’ll also learn how to add combustion air to a power venting system.


Often overlooked or forgotten, the Barometric Draft Control is a key component in the proper operation of any oil-fired heating system. In this session, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the principles of draft. You’ll also learn how to size, install and maintain a Draft Control and how it affects over-fire draft, burner efficiency and overall system operation. The benefits and proper use of Draft Inducers are also covered in this session.

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