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Air Quality, Air Movement, and Air Controls

Field Controls provides solutions and products for all types of HVAC contractors

At Field Controls we consider every home a system and every central HVAC system as an opportunity to deliver CLEAN, PURE and FRESHTM air. Our intent is to provide the contractor reliable, practical, and proven ventilation and IAQ solutions that meets codes and satisfies homeowner expectations for comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

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HVAC Residential Contractors

Products and solutions for indoor air quality, including the Healthy Home System™, ventilation, indoor air filtration, and whole house air purification systems for the contractor.

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HVAC Commercial Contractors

For commercial HVAC contractors we offer packaged and custom commercial air quality systems ideal for office buildings, hospitals, airports, casinos, medical clinics, and other commercial buildings.

Field Controls

Home Builders

Everything Home Builders need to know about fresh air ventilation systems, ASHRAE 62.2 compliance, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.

Field Controls

Plumbing & Heating Contractors

Venting, combustion, and draft control solutions and products for oil and gas fired heating appliances. Plumbing and Heating Contractors, you can rely on Field Controls to answer your questions. From installation manuals, wiring diagrams, literature, case studies, pod casts, and Tech Support.

Field Controls

Hearth Contractors

Our Flue Sentinel® solutions ensure safe venting, fuel efficiency, and combustion air for open hearths and gas fireplaces. We also offer draft control, energy efficiency, ventilation, and more for gas fireplaces.

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