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Grow Your HVAC Business 

The Healthy Home System Partner Program is a partnership between Field Controls, HVAC Contractors, and Distributors. The Field Controls Healthy Home System features a line of in-duct indoor air quality solutions that address the home as a complete system. The Healthy Home System features the solutions your customers are looking for to breathe better air. The contractor program provides an opportunity for HVAC contractors to grow their business within the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market.

Why Join the Healthy Home System Contractor Program?

    • Increased Earning Potential: UV light and in-duct air treatment products have a growing demand. Offering IAQ solutions provides an opportunity to increase your earnings on every service call or installation. 
    • Easy to Install: Healthy Home System air treatment products can be installed in as little as 15 minutes and are compatible with almost any new or existing HVAC system. 
    • Lead Generation Tools: Company is highlighted on the Find a Dealer section of the website. Contractors will also receive the tools needed to drive indoor air quality leads to their company website.
    • Contractor Toolbox: The toolbox equips the HVAC contractor with the materials needed to successfully add indoor air quality solutions to their services.
    • Product and Sales Training: Our team of experts will train HVAC contractors on the product’s technology, installation, and how to offer them to your customers.


Use the profit calculator to estimate your increased earning potential.

Healthy Home System Partner Program

Want More Information on the Program?

Let our team walk you through the next steps in becoming an authorized Health Home System contractor.

Contractor Program Products

TRIO In-Duct Air Purifier

The TRIO 3-in-1 offers 3 stages of air purification. The product features a MERV 13 filter, high-intensity UV-C technology, and PRO-cell technology. The TRIO improves indoor air quality by reducing allergens, VOCs, and airborne germs within the home.

Learn more about the TRIO 3-in-1 whole house air purifier

DUO In-Duct Air Purifier

The DUO is an ozone-free indoor air quality solution. The DUO uses Field Control’s patented PRO-Cell technology and high-intensity UV-C for optimal whole house air purification. The DUO improves indoor air quality by reducing airborne pathogens, volatile organic compounds, and odors in any home.

Learn more about the DUO Induct whole-house air purifier or the DUO 2000 induct whole-house air purifier.

Induct UV Aire Purifier

The UV Aire induct purifier is designed to emit high-intensity UV-C and reduce airborne viruses and microorganisms as they pass through a heating or air conditioning system. The UV Aire purifier is compatible with any existing HVAC system and can also keep A-Coils clean and improve the system’s efficiency.

Learn more about the UV Aire

FlexMount UV

FlexMountUV lamp air purifiers take up half the space of traditional UV units. The FlexMountUV uses high-intensity UV light to reduce bacteria, mold, and spores. This also helps keep the a-coils clean and organic material so the HVAC equipment runs more efficiently.

Learn more about the Flexmount UV induct air purifier

What Homeowners Are Saying

Healthy Home System Partner Program

We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors. Your customers have a growing awareness of how important indoor air quality is to their health and want to address the presence of particulates, germs, allergens, and toxic gases in their homes. The problem is most people don’t know what their exact indoor air quality issues are or how to address them. Homeowners are now turning to HVAC professionals to help diagnose their indoor air quality problems and provide solutions.

healthy home system

What Contractors Are Saying

Healthy Home System Partner Program

Want to learn more about how to add the Healthy Home System to your business?

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