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Setting the Standard in Combustion Blowers

Discover unmatched efficiency and safety

Field Controls: Your Trusted Expert in High Quality Combustion Blowers

For nearly a century, Field Controls has become the trusted expert in building cutting-edge combustion blowers for both homes and businesses. Drawing upon a heritage of unparalleled expertise and extensive experience, we intricately craft and manufacture high-quality blowers that excel in efficiency, durability, and precision. We believe that every home and business should be free from harmful gases and equipment should work with impeccable precision, so we have a commitment and determination to building the best blowers on the market.


Combustion Blower
  • Unrivaled Efficiency – These blowers are meticulously designed to optimize combustion air delivery, ensuring superior performance while conserving energy.
  • Enhanced Durability: By meticulously selecting materials and employing construction techniques that place durability at the forefront, our blowers ensure an extended lifespan.
  • Precise Engineering: Our blowers are the result of nearly a century of experience, precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal functionality, seamless integration, and reliable performance.

High Efficiency Blower Options

Explore Our Wide Range of Blower Solutions

Field Controls provides a range of combustion blowers designed for a variety of applications such as enhancing venting, supplying air to facilitate efficient combustion, inducing drafts, and optimizing fireplace venting.

Field Controls Combustion Air Systems

Field Controls Combustion Air Systems (CAS) are an integral component in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of combustion-based appliances in homes and businesses. These combustion blower systems play a critical role in supplying a consistent and controlled flow of fresh air to furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and other fuel-burning devices. By drawing air from the outside, our CAS systems prevent these appliances from depleting indoor air, which could lead to issues like back drafting or simply inadequate combustion. Over nearly a century of innovation and expertise is wrapped into our specialized combustion blowers which have redefined industry standards. Our combustion blowers are engineered to elevate both system efficiency and safety measures due to our unrelenting focus on building the best combustion blowers on the market.

Combustion Blower

We offer multiple models of the CAS combustion blowers, also known as “Fan in a Can” system, to cater to different heating system sizes and requirements. These models vary in terms of their airflow capacity, dimensions, and other technical specifications.



Designed for use on the Beckett AF II NX Series and Riello 40BF oil burners.



Designed for us on the BECKETT-AF/AFG and CARLIN-EZ-1/CRD/FRD



Universal combustion air system, compatible with both 120VAC and 24VAC systems.

CAS-4 Jr

CAS-4 Jr

Engineered for gas appliances with input ratings of up to 110,000 BTU/hr



Designed for use with any oil or gas fired furnace, water heater, or boiler with 24 VAC or 120 VAC control systems up to 910,000 BTU/hr.



Designed for use with any oil or gas fired furnace, water heater, or boiler with 24 VAC or 120 VAC control systems up to 1,803,000 BTU/hr.

Power Venter

Explore Field Controls' Power Ventilation Solutions

A power venter is an important component in heating systems, playing a critical role in ensuring optimal combustion and efficient operation. It is a mechanical device that assists in removing combustion byproducts, such as gases and pollutants, from the combustion chamber and safely expelling them outdoors. Power venters are particularly useful in situations where natural draft ventilation might not be feasible or efficient due to various factors such as venting challenges, system design, or energy efficiency considerations.

Discover Field Controls' Draft Inducing Blowers

Field Draft Inducers offer a solution to resolve issues with inadequate drafting due to short chimneys, undersized vent pipes, and negative building pressures. A draft inducer is a fan that is located inside of the furnace near the heat exchanger. Prior to the furnace beginning a heating cycle, the draft inducer will turn on up 30 to 60 seconds before the burners are lit. The draft inducer will continues to run throughout each heating cycle. Because it turns on before the furnace ignites its burners, the draft inducer is able to clear out any combustion gases that might be lingering in the heat exchanger from the previous heating cycle. The remaining gases are pushed into the system flue pipes and vented out of the home. After the burners ignite, the draft inducer continues to run in order to provide the burners with a constant source of oxygen.

Our Draft Inducers are engineered for straightforward installation in a wide array of applications, including oil or gas-fired furnaces to water heaters and boilers. If you need to vent single or multiple appliances, consider employing a control kit for enhanced efficiency.

Draft Inducer
Chimney Combustion Blower

Enhance Efficiency with Field Controls' Flue Sentinel Chimney Fans

Flue Sentinel eliminates the need for glass doors on a hearth to conserve heat and can save as much as 30% in energy costs that would normally be caused by heat loss through a chimney with a traditional damper. When the system calls for fire, the Flue Sentinel Gas Controller automatically opens the flue damper and engages the chimney fan. Once draft has been proven and the damper is fully open, the gas logs will then light. Back-up safety features ensure the fire won’t start until the damper is fully open and draft has been proven. When the fireplace is turned off, the fan is turned off and the damper automatically closes, trapping heat in the chimney.

The Flue Sentinel Chimney Fan is constructed of high-grade stainless steel and can be installed in new or pre-existing chimneys. It is designed with a hinged cap so the fan, motor, and damper are easily accessed for service or maintenance. Flue Sentinel comes conveniently in two sizes for chimneys with 8- and 12-inch openings.

HEPA Filter
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