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PVG Power Venter provides an economical power venting system for gas appliances.

PV Power Venters PVG Models

Indoor Mounted PVG Power Venters for Gas Appliances

The PVG Power Venter is used for side wall venting of a single 24 VAC controlled furnace, boiler, or water heater which burns natural or LP gas. The PVG may also be used to vent a single 24 VAC controlled gas fired furnace or boiler and a 30 millivolt residential gas fired water heater.

The indoor mounted PVG Power Venters provide a safe, efficient, and economical power venting system for gas heating appliances. All controls are built into these units. A Vent Hood is required to terminate the vent system.

To size a PVG Power Venter, you will need to know the total input firing rate and total equivalent length of vent pipe. Refer to Power Venter System installation manual or Contractors Reference Guide for sizing details.

PVG Power Venters are ETL Listed.

PVG PAKs are kits that include a PVG Power Venter, a 4″ MG-1 Draft Control, and a 4″ Vent Hood.

How the PVG Power Venter Works

  • 1. Thermostat or aquastat calls for heat and starts the Power Venter.
  • 2. The Pressure Switch senses sufficient air flow and allows burner(s) to start.
  • 3. The Power Venter draws combustion air through the system and forces gases outside through an external Vent Hood.
  • 4. Draft Hood or Barometric Draft Control between the appliance(s) and the Power Venter maintains consistent air flow.
  • 5. After the thermostat is satisfied, the burner shuts down and the Post Purge Control clears the venting system of combustion gases.
  • 6. The Power Venter shuts down.

The PVG can be used to replace Tjernlund HSUL-1, HST-1, HS1 PVG’s include a post purge control HSUL’s do not PVG300.


Inlet / Outlet
46245701 PVG-100 7.50 7.75 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46245702 PVG-300 7.50 9.25 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46245703 PVG-600 8.75 9.75 8.50 5.00 115 60 1.5 167 3000 Yes
46334701 PVG PK-100 7.50 7.75 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46334702 PVG PK-300 7.50 9.25 7.00 4.00 115 60 2.1 145 3000 Yes
46124100 PVE-1200 13.75 11.50 13.50 8.00 115 60 3.9 186 1750 Yes
Accessories/Parts: Side wall vent hood, spill switches, and barometric draft controls like the MG-1 Draft Control or M+MG2 Draft Control .
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