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Setting the Benchmark for Combustion Dampers

Discover the standard for heating systems with unmatched efficiency and safety.

Field Controls: Your Trusted Expert in High Quality Combustion Dampers

Since Ted Fields developed the barometric draft control in 1927, Field Controls has been the trusted expert in building cutting-edge combustion dampers. Drawing upon a heritage of unparalleled expertise and extensive experience, we intricately craft and manufacture high-quality dampers that excel in efficiency, durability, and precision. We believe that every home and business should be free from harmful gases and equipment should work with impeccable precision, so we are determined to build the best dampers on the market.


Combustion Damper
  • Enhanced Efficiency – Our dampers help optimize the combustion process by ensuring the right amount of air is supplied to the burner, allowing for more efficient combustion. This increased efficiency can lead to reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs, ultimately saving on their energy bills.
  • Improved Safety: Combustion dampers play an important role in maintaining the safety of heating systems. The damper helps prevent the backflow of combustion gases into the living or working space helping to protect the occupants from exposure to potentially harmful gases like carbon monoxide.
  • Precise Engineering: Our dampers are the result of nearly a century of experience, precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal functionality, seamless integration, and reliable performance.

Choose High Efficiency and Safety with Field Controls' Dampers

Explore Our Wide Range of Combustion Dampers

Field Controls provides a range of combustion dampers designed to facilitate efficient combustion in HVAC systems and Chimneys

Enhance Safety and Efficiency With Field Controls Combustion Vent Dampers

Heating systems, including both residential and commercial HVAC units, will include a vent damper as an essential component of the setup. The primary function of the vent damper is to prevent heat from escaping when the unit is not cycling. Vent dampers reduce the escape of warm air and prevent the infiltration of cold air by closing the vent when the burner is off, thereby conserving energy and cutting heating costs. Vent dampers can be especially effective in older heating systems that are less efficient. Since 1927, Field Controls vent dampers have been the choice of contractors because of the quality, reliability, energy savings and minimization of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Plus, our safety switches on the gas vent dampers allow the burner to fire only when the damper is in the open position and will not interfere with existing appliance safety controls, when properly installed.

We carry dampers to fit the common sizes of HVAC systems.

Combustion Damper
Power Venter

Explore Field Controls Draft Controls

Draft controls are an important component within the chimney or flue to maintain a consistent draft and pressure. They are designed as a safety component to ensure that combustion gases are effectively and safely vented to the outdoors. The draft control works by sensing and then reducing excessive draft or pressure, ultimately limiting the risk of carbon monoxide leaks and back drafting. Field Controls draft controls are especially important when the chimney conditions are less than ideal. In this situation, the draft control compensates for irregularities and ensures efficient venting.

Field Controls draft controls have been the choice of contractors for decades as a way to enhance combustion safety and efficiency. Our draft controls are reliable, durable, provide efficiency to the heating system and are an effective safety component for any home. 

Discover Field Controls Flue Dampers

Regulate the flow of exhaust gases with the Field Controls line of flue dampers. Our flue dampers work by controlling the rate at which combustion byproducts are vented and also prevent the backflow of dangerous combustion gases, like carbon monoxide, into the living space. By adding a flue damper, you are reducing energy consumption and lowering heating bills, creating a safer environment and also ensuring that the heating system operates at its peak performance. 

Ensure efficiency and enhance the safety of your customer’s fireplace by installing a Field Controls flue damper. Choose from our full line of dampers for the perfect fit in your customer’s home. 

Draft Inducer
HEPA Filter
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Invest in safety and efficiency for homes and businesses with the Field Controls line of superior combustion dampers
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