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Oil Vent Dampers
Oil Vent Dampers
Oil Vent Dampers
Oil Vent Damper Dimensions
Oil Vent DampersOil Vent DampersOil Vent Damper Dimensions

Highlights of the Oil Vent Dampers

    • EFFICIENT: Takes the heat generated by an HVAC system and uses it to warm up cold air before it enters the home
    • LESS COSTLY: Reduces heating costs
    • COMFORT: You don’t have to worry about cold drafts or feeling hot

Features of the Oil Vent Dampers

The Oil Vent Dampers (OVD) system works automatically on an oil heating appliance to save fuel, improve comfort, and keep the heat within the conditioned space. The Field Controls OVD installs in the vent pipe after the draft control (Type RC or Type M) and before the chimney and can increase Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency by up to 2 percent.

By automatically closing he damper at the end of each heating cycle like a fireplace damper, the oil vent damper prevent drafts, improve comfort, and reduce heat loss by automatically closing the damper of an oil heating appliance at the end of each heating cycle like a fireplace damper. The average boiler or furnace will use a minimum of 5 percent less fuel. Homes with taller chimneys may save 10 percent or more.

How it Works

  1. When the thermostat calls for heat, the vent damper begins to open.
  2. Within five seconds, the damper opens completely.
  3. Two safety switches prove the damper is completely open before allowing the burner to fire.
  4. When the oil appliance thermostat is satisfied, the damper remains open for approximately three minutes before closing. This allows the remaining products of combustion to safely vent up the chimney.
  5. The damper remains closed until the next call for heat, preventing drafts, improving comfort, and reducing heat loss.

A seven-foot wiring harness is included with a pre-wired WMO-1 blocked vent safety switch. The WMO-1 shuts the oil burner off when a blocked vent condition is detected.

Oil vent dampers should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area below.

Field Controls carries a full line of oil, gas or coal dampers.

Specifications of the Oil Vent Dampers

Dimensions (inches)
Model Part Number Pipe Size Length Height Clearance Exposed Pipe Pipe Removal
OVD-4PL 46561704 4 6 10 116 1516 5 3 12
OVD-5PL 46561705 5 6 11 116 1516 5 3 12
OVD-6PL 46561706 6 6 12 12 116 1 1⁄8 5 12 4
OVD-7PL 46561707 7 7 116 13 116 1 38 6 116 4 916
OVD-8PL 46561708 8 8 116 14 116 1 78 7 116 5 916


Oil Vent Damper Certifications

CSA listed for oil fired heating equipment

CSA Listed


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