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Efficient Hearth and Flue Venting Solutions for Comfort and Safety

Discover our innovative solutions for a warm and secure home environment

Field Controls: Your Trusted Expert in High Quality Hearth and Flue Venting Solutions

Since Ted Fields developed the barometric draft control in 1927, Field Controls has been the trusted expert in building cutting-edge combustion dampers. Drawing upon a heritage of unparalleled expertise and extensive experience, we intricately craft and manufacture high-quality flue and hearth venting products that excel in efficiency, durability, and precision. We believe that every home and business should be free from harmful gases and equipment should work with impeccable precision, so we are determined to build the best dampers on the market.

Discover Innovative Hearth Venting Solutions at Field Controls

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Field Controls flue and hearth venting products are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Cozy up to a warm fire during the colder months with peace of mind. Our hearth and flue venting solutions are highly effective and efficient solutions, providing hassle-free ventilation for fireplace or heating systems. Along with providing efficient combustion, harmful gases and smoke are routed out of the home, leaving you clear air while enjoying your fireplace. Say goodbye to worries about drafts, fumes, or insufficient venting, and say hello to a more comfortable home with Field Controls hearth and flue venting solutions.

Choose Our Hearth and Flue Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

Explore Our Wide Range of Hearth Venting Products

Field Controls provides high quality flue venting products designed to facilitate safe efficient combustion

Discover Field Controls Flue Dampers

Regulate the flow of exhaust gases with the Field Controls line of flue dampers. Our flue dampers work by controlling the rate in which combustion byproducts are vented and also prevent the backflow of dangerous combustion gases, like carbon monoxide into the living space. By adding a flue damper, you are reducing energy consumption and lowering heating bills, creating a safer environment, and also ensuring that the heating system operates at its peak performance. 

Ensure efficiency and enhance the safety of your customer’s fireplace by installing a Field Controls Flue damper. Choose from our full line of dampers for the perfect fit in your customer’s home. 

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Explore Field Controls Flue Sentinel Chimney Fan

The Flue Sentinel Chimney Fan with Automatic Damper is designed to provide a constant flow of air to safely exhaust fumes from the home. It features an highly efficient fan and chimney cap in one convenient, high-performance package. The fan eliminates the need for glass doors on a hearth to conserve heat. In fact, Flue Sentinel can save as much as 30% in energy costs, which would normally be lost through a chimney with a traditional damper.

The Flue Sentinel Chimney Fan with Damper is precision built to last with high-grade stainless steel along with a heavy-duty fan. It can be installed in new or pre-existing chimneys and designed for use with 8-inch and 12-inch openings.

Enhance Safety and Efficiency With Field Controls Flue Venting

The Star-Kap is the only roof vent cap that is not required to be two feet higher than any structure within ten feet. This vent cap can be used on detached or lean-to buildings with house heating equipment outside of the living space. It has versatile uses for venting gas or oil-fired boilers, furnaces, water heaters, and various other appliances.

The unique design of the Star-Kap Roof Vent Caps offer protection against downdrafts and enhances vent performance by efficiently expelling waste gases, regardless of wind direction. Although vent stacks are designed to remove dangerous gases and smoke created by burning gas and oil, this process can be disrupted by a change in direction of the wind. A sudden gust could blow noxious waste gases down the vent stack and into the building. The Star-Kap prevents a potentially dangerous situation.

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