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Roof Vent Caps
Roof Vent Caps
Roof Vent Caps Dimensions
Roof Vent CapsRoof Vent Caps Dimensions

Highlights of the Star Kaps

    • SAFE: Keeps birds or debris from entering the vent and posing a risk of fire
    • COMFORT: Prevents downdrafts that can cause unpleasant odors to enter the home
    • APPLICATIONS: Gas or oil appliances

Features of the Star-Kap Roof Vent Cap

The Star-Kap vent cap is the only roof vent caps that are not required to be two feet higher than any structure within ten feet when used on detached or lean-to buildings that house heating equipment outside of the living space.

The unique design of the aluminized Star-Kap Roof Vent Caps prevent downdrafts and assists the vent in drawing off and exhausting waste gases regardless of wind direction. The Star-Kap vent cap can be used to vent gas or oil-fired boilers, furnaces, water heaters and more.

Although vent stacks are designed to remove dangerous gases and smoke created by burning gas and oil, this process can be adversely affected by the direction of the wind. A sudden gust could blow noxious waste gases down the vent stack and into the building. The Star-Kap prevents a potentially dangerous situation.

How Do You Prevent Flue Gas Spillage?

The Star-Kap roof vent caps, when used in conjunction with a double-acting Draft Control and Thermal Safety Switch, creates a system that prevents flue gas spillage and carbon monoxide formation.

When Do You Use a Star Kap Roof Vent Cap?

  • To prevent downdrafts.
  • To keep birds and debris out of the vent stack.
  • To keep rain out of the vent stack.
  • When venting gas or oil appliances.

Contact us about AGA testing reports for more information.

Star Kap Roof Vent Caps should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area below.

Specifications of the Star Kap Roof Vent

Model Part Number Fits Pipe Dimensions (inches)
3" SK 46038403 3 2 78 6 12 8 14 8 38
4" SK 46038404 4 3 78 6 12 8 14 8 38
5" SK 46038405 5 4 78 6 12 8 14 8 38
6" SK 46038406 6 5 78 10 12 38 11
8" SK 46038408 8 7 78 10 12 38 11
10" SK 46258810 10 9 78 16 21 78 13 58
12" SK 46258812 12 11 78 16 21 78 13 58


Star Kap Roof Vent Certifications

CSA listed for all gas or oil fired heating equipment

CSA Listed
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