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Air Treatment
Making indoor spaces safer and cleaner is core to our mission since 1927. We are a proud Certified Woman-Owned Business with manufacturing in North Carolina and California. As leaders in air purification solutions, our three-stage proprietary technologies for particles, germs, and gases enable any space to meet the EPA, CDC, and ASHRAE guidelines for the safest, cleanest, and freshest air. As experts in air quality, we ensure that all our products improve the quality of indoor air, which includes not emitting ozone. Ozone is a toxic gas which can damage the lungs when inhaled. Even low amounts can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. The EPA and other government agencies have determined that ozone generators are not safe and they do not effectively eliminate indoor air pollutants. When you shop for air purification in your home or space, the best advice is to stay away from any system using ozone generation.
The Healthy Home System Air Treatment reference guide features the industry’s most complete line of IAQ products and solutions. Included in the guide are specifications on media filters, UV air purifiers, PRO-Cell technology, and fresh air controls, plus wiring diagrams, installation options, and replacement parts.
Flue Sentinel® Fans & Dampers, Combustion Air Systems, Ventilation Systems, Wiring Diagrams, Replacement Parts & Accessories, and More.
Includes Venting, Combustion, Draft, Wiring Diagrams, Replacement Parts, and More.
Includes Ventilation Options, Code Requirements, Wiring Diagrams, Replacement Parts, and More
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