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Discover how Field Controls' state-of-the-art recovery ventilation products can revolutionize indoor air quality

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Field Controls: Your Trusted Expert for Recovery Ventilation Solutions

For nearly a century, Field Controls has become the trusted expert in building cutting-edge HVAC solutions since Ted Fields developed the barometric draft control in 1927. Drawing upon a heritage of unparalleled expertise and extensive experience, we intricately craft and manufacture high-quality Recovery Ventilation products that excel in making homes more efficient while rejuvenating the home with fresh air. Each product is manufactured to exacting standards to ensure durability and reliability. We believe that every home and business should be free from harmful gases and equipment should work with impeccable precision, so we have a commitment and determination to building the best dampers on the market.

Efficient Energy Savings with Advanced Recovery Ventilation Technology: ERV and HRV Solutions

Both Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) incorporate an innovative dual-stream airflow design. This design effectively extracts the warmth or coolness from the outgoing, stagnant air and merges it with the incoming fresh air. Importantly, it accomplishes this without any mixing of the stale air with the fresh air. The Field Controls Energy Recovery Ventilation uses membrane technology to transfer moisture and energy. These systems are masterfully crafted for optimal ventilation, and quiet, dependable operation.

HRVs transfers the heat from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air, making the system run more efficiently by eliminating the need to reheat the incoming air.

ERVs extract the already cooled outgoing air an introduces into the incoming fresh air. Nearly 90% of the energy used to cool a home is required to remove humidity. With an Energy Recovery Ventilation, humidity is removed from the air before it is brought into the home – greatly reducing cooling costs.

When it comes to climate, HRV systems are ideal for colder, northern regions while ERVs are designed for hot and humid southern climates. If you’re in areas without extremes, either system can be a good fit, depending on your specific local conditions.

Choose the Recovery Ventilation Solution to Fit Any Climate

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