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Vent Hoods

Fresh air intake vent hoods for natural gas, LP gas or oil-fired equipment.

Field Controls Vent Hoods are made of heavy gauge aluminun and can be used with natural gas, LP gas or oil-fired equipment. There are five diameters ranging from 3″ to 8″. the concentric pipe, angled outlet deflectors, and spaced plate design allow for better heat dissipation. This type of construction minimizes the effects of heat on the outside wall. The angled hood design reduces the effects of wind on the venting system. The inner and outer pipe are a continuous structure. This allows for easy installation to power venter or vent pipe and eliminates possible positive pressure leaks in the wall section. Field Vent Hoods meet the highest standards for safety and reliability, built in accordance with guidelines from NFPA211, NFPA54 and ANSIZ21.47.

When do you need a vent hood? Vent Hoods can be used in conjunction with PVG and PVO Power Venters or with forced draft systems.

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