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Millivolt Fireplace Damper
Millivolt Fireplace Damper
FSM Flue Damper Dimensions
Millivolt Fireplace DamperFSM Flue Damper Dimensions

Highlights of the FSM Millivolt Fireplace Damper

    • CONSERVES HEAT: Eliminates the need for glass doors in a hearth to conserve energy
    • SAVES MONEY: Can save as much as 30% in energy costs
    • EASY FIT: Can be installed in new or pre-existing chimneys

Features of the FSM Millivolt Fireplace Damper

The FSM Millivolt Fireplace Damper is electronic damper that can improve the efficiency of your gas log fireplace and save you money on your energy bills.

Installed at the top of your chimney, the Flue Sentinel automatically opens when you turn on your gas logs and closes when you turn them off. You won’t even notice it’s there, but you’ll immediately feel the difference. No more cold drafts coming down the chimney and no more heated air escaping from the chimney, leading to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

The FSM Millivolt Round models are specifically designed to work with millivolt/standing pilot ignition systems for gas log fireplaces. These models are easy to install and operate seamlessly with your existing fireplace setup.

Not only will the Flue Sentinel improve the performance of your gas log fireplace, but it can also save you as much as 30% on your energy bill. With these savings, the Flue Sentinel will pay for itself in no time.

Don’t let your chimney continue to waste energy and money. Upgrade to the Flue Sentinel today and start enjoying a more comfortable and efficient home.

Features and Benefits


  • Seals chimney and eliminates cold drafts
  • Eliminates the need for glass doors to conserve heat
  • Ultimate convenience, never have to remember to close your flue again
  • Traps heat inside the chimney


  • The first electronic flue damper for gas log fireplaces
  • For hearths up to 6′ wide
  • Foe flue diameters 6″ to 24″
  • Meets new fireplace codes
  • Square/rectangular models available

Accessories/Parts: Optional Flue Sentinel Termination Caps

The FSM Millivolt Fireplace Damper should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area.

Model FSM Millivolt Round Flue Damper for Gas Fireplaces

Specifications of the Millivolt Fireplace Damper

Part Number Description Dimensions Weight (lbs.) Voltage
FSM-6 Damper Fireplace MV 6" 5.9 6.0 14.5 11.8 6.0 3.6
FSM-8 Damper Fireplace MV 8" 7.9 10.5 17.8 13.8 7.8 3.6
FSM-10 Damper Fireplace MV 10" 9.9 10.5 19.8 15.8 8.9 3.6
FSM-11 Damper Fireplace MV 11" 10.9 10.5 20.8 16.8 9.4 3.6
FSM-12 Damper Fireplace MV 12" 11.9 10.5 21.8 17.8 10 3.6
FSM-13 Damper Fireplace MV 13" 12.9 12.5 22.8 18.8 11.3 3.6
FSM-14 Damper Fireplace MV 14" 13.9 12.5 23.8 19.8 12 3.6
FSM-16 Damper Fireplace MV 16" 15.9 12.5 25.8 21.8 13.3 3.6
FSM-18 Damper Fireplace MV 18" 17.9 13.5 27.8 23.8 15.6 3.6
FSM-20 Damper Fireplace MV 20" 19.9 14.5 29.8 25.8 17.8 3.6
FSM-22 Damper Fireplace MV 22" 21.9 15.5 31.8 27.8 20.1 3.6
FSM-24 Damper Fireplace MV 24" 23.9 16.5 33.8 29.8 22.9 3.6


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