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Residential Oil Draft Control
Residential Oil Draft Control
Type M Draft Control
Residential Oil Draft ControlType M Draft Control


    • SAFE: Maintains the boiler’s draft to burn fuel more efficiently
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Collar included to ensure a safe, snug fit
    • EFFICIENT: Adjust air flow rate to produce a steady, safe, and efficient flame without the risk of backdrafting

Features of the Type M Draft Controls

The Residential oil draft control Type M lends itself ideally to conditions requiring a great deal of stability and accuracy. Designed for settings from .01″ to .1″, the Field Controls Type M draft control is recommended for oil or coal-fired residential heating applications. The Type M features an infinitely variable screw adjustment, permitting an extremely fine instrument setting. The M employs side wings to control air direction with gate curvatures designed to compensate for differences in horizontal and vertical settings.

How it Works

How do draft controls work? Static pressure of the cool air exerts pressure on the outside of the furnace or boiler, the breaching, and stack. The pressure difference between the room air and heated gas (air) causes products of combustion to flow (draft) through the unit and rise through the breach and chimney. Room temperature air enters through the barometric draft control in the precise amount needed to overcome the excess drafts caused by temperature variations, wind fluctuations, and barometric pressure changes. Combustion of fuel is complete and the process is stabilized. The velocity of combustion gases through the heat exchanger is slowed so more heat is extracted. The unit operates more efficiently, reliably, and requires less maintenance.

When to use a draft control? Refer to our Contractor Reference Guide on when to use a draft control with a draft inducer/power venter, power burners, forced draft burners, dual fuel appliances and gas-fired appliances.

Type M Residential Oil Draft Controls should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area below.

Specifications for the Type M Draft Controls

Model Part Number Control Size Nominal Capacity Sq. In. Recommended Pipe Sizes (in.) Dimensions (inches)
Diameter Circumference A B C D E G M
6" M 00963801 6 28.3 5-6-7 15 34 to 22 6 5 3 3 14 6 1732 2 8
8" M 01437001 8 50.3 7-8-9 22 to 28 14 8 6 38 4 3 38 8 58 3 10 38


Residential Oil Draft Control Certification

UL and cUL listed for all oil fired heating equipment

CUL US Listed


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Kinston, NC 28504

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