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Power Venter For Gas
Power Venter For Gas
Water Heater Power Venter, Power Venter For Gas
Power Venter
Power Venter
CK-43F Control Kit
Power Venter For GasWater Heater Power Venter, Power Venter For GasPower VenterPower VenterCK-43F Control Kit

Highlights of the SWG-4G Power Venter for Gas Furnaces

    • SAFE: 100% negative pressure in the vent pipe for maximum safety
    • LESS COSTLY: Standard galvanized pipe can be used instead of expensive stainless steel
    • SAVES TIME: No need to seal vent pipe joints, saving time and money
    • LONGER VENT LENGTHS: Significantly longer vent
    • RECOMMENDED: The SWG power venter or ComboVent is recommended by major heating appliance manufacturer

Features of the SWG-4G Power Venter For Gas

The Field Controls SWG-4G Power Venter kit for gas applications  includes the SWG-4HD Power Venter, CK-43F Control Kit, and Draft Control.

The SWG must be sized to match the appliance or appliances’ input firing rate. Most firing rates are published in the manufacturer’s installation manual. The SWG must be installed with a CK Control Kit to ensure proper listing and safe, efficient venting. This kit makes it easy.

Patented SWG Power Venters are ETL and cETL listed for all LP gas, natural gas, or oil-fired heating equipment.


Designed for operation with natural gas and LP gas
1. The thermostat (wall thermostat or aquastat) calls for heat and energizes a relay which activates the power venter. After the venter motor has come up to speed, the pressure switch closes. This closes the circuit to the burner and allows the burner to fire.
2. For millivolt controlled water heaters using the CK-20FV Series Control Kit, the gas valve pressure switch activates the power venter at the same time as the burner fires.
3. After the heating requirement has been satisfied, the thermostat circuit will open and deactivate the burner and power venter circuit.
4. For venting systems equipped with a post purge device, the power venter operates for a period of time after the burner has shut off to purge remaining flue gases.

The SWG-4G Power Venter kit should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area.

Specifications of the SWG-4G Power Venter For Gas

Model Part Number Volts Hz Amps Watts RPM Thermal Protection ETL Listed
SWG-4G 46205414 115 60 1.7 138 3000


SWG Power Venter Certifications

ETL and cETL listed for gas heating equipment

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