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combustion ventilation
combustion ventilation
combustion ventilation vent
combustion ventilationcombustion ventilation vent


CAS-1  For Oil Heating Appliances

The CAS-1 combustion air system is designed for use on the Beckett AF II NX Series and Riello 40BF oil burners with a combustion air intake. For the purpose of routing combustion air directly to the burner, with the added safety feature of the vacuum relief valve.

What is combustion air?

Combustion air is literally just the air needed to provide a continuous supply of air for proper combustion or burning.

When Do You Use A Combustion Air System?

When construction is too tight and/or to provide source of fresh air for combustion. The CAS-1 and CAS-2 connect directly to oil burners. The CAS-3, CAS-6 and CAS-7 are for multiple appliances or when direct connection is not possible.

These models are designed to provide combustion air for appliances when direct connection to the burner is not possible when the appliance is located in a confined space. According to NFPA 31, an engineered system such as a CAS-3, CAS-6, or CAS-7 may be used to overcome the lack of air in a confined space. The CAS-3 is designed for use with oil appliances. Each is designed for optimum safety and includes a proving device that won’t allow the burner to engage without the Fan-in-a-Can® operating. Multiple units or additional controls are required for multiple appliance installations. Each is equipped with a two speed control for enhanced versatility.


46252502 CAS-1 Oil Beckett AFII, NX Riello 40BF Up to 2 gph 4" Intake Air Hood, 4" Vacuum Relief Valve
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