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Combustion Air System
Combustion Air System
Combustion Air System

Highlights of the Fan in a Can CAS 4JR

  • SAVES TIME: Designed for use in a confined space
  • EFFICIENT: Delivers combustion air for mechanical rooms, boiler rooms, or furnaces
  • OPERATION: For use with oil or gas applications

Features of the Fan in a Can® CAS-4JR

Ensure efficient combustion and optimize air intake for your gas appliances with the powerful and compact Fan-in-a-Can CAS-4JR. This advanced air diffusion system is designed to provide adequate air supply near the burner, maximizing the performance of your heating equipment.

Enhance Efficiency, Maximize Performance

The Fan-in-a-Can, model CAS-4Jr, is specifically engineered for gas appliances with input ratings of up to 110,000 BTU/hr. By diffusing outside air into the room near the burner, it guarantees a consistent and ample air supply for efficient combustion. Experience enhanced heating efficiency and improved overall performance like never before.

Versatile Residential Application

The Fan-in-a-Can is a perfect companion for residential water heaters. With the addition of the CK-20FV control kit, you can effortlessly utilize this system alongside your water heater, further optimizing its functionality. This combination ensures an uninterrupted supply of combustion air, enabling your water heater to operate at its best.

Easy Installation and Secure Mounting

The CAS-4JR includes a 4-inch intake Air Hood (IAH), along with convenient mounting brackets. Installing and securing the system to a wall is a breeze, allowing for a hassle-free setup process. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Fan-in-a-Can Jr. is securely in place and ready to provide efficient combustion air.

Engineered for Safety and Compliance

The CAS-4Jr. is designed in accordance with the safety standards set by NFPA 54. These regulations recognize the importance of an engineered system to overcome the lack of air in a confined space. Rest assured that the CAS-4JR meets these rigorous standards, ensuring the safety and compliance of your heating system.

Upgrade Your Air Intake System Today

Don’t compromise on combustion efficiency and performance. Invest in the  CAS-4Jr and unlock the full potential of your gas appliances. With its compact design, versatile application, and adherence to safety regulations, this system guarantees optimal air supply for efficient combustion. Upgrade your air intake system today and experience the difference it makes.

The CAS-4JR should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area.

Specifications of the CAS 4 Combustion Air System

Part Number Model Fuel Application Volts Amps Hz RPM
46525600 CAS-4JR Gas 24V Gas Appliance 115 .43 60 1550


Combustion Air System Certification

cETL listed for oil and gas heating equipment.

Intertek CETL Logo


Customer Service Rep


2630 Airport Road
Kinston, NC 28504

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