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DUO-2000 Whole Air Cleaning System
DUO-2000 Whole Air Cleaning System
Induct Air Purifier And Deodorizer
Whole House UV Air Purifier Installation
Whole House Air Purification System
DUO-2000 Whole Air Cleaning SystemInduct Air Purifier And DeodorizerWhole House UV Air Purifier InstallationWhole House Air Purification System

Highlights of the DUO-2000 Whole House Air Purification System

    • REDUCTION OF SARS-CoV-2 VIRUS: 99.99% Reduction in just 30 minutes
    • AIRFRESH™ CARBON ODOR ADSORPTION: Traps VOCs and reduces odors
    • UVC LAMP: One high-efficiency 17.5-inch UVC lamp that reduces airborne particles
    • PRO-CELL TECHNOLOGY: Transforms odors and VOCs into harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Features of the Duo-2000 Whole House Air Purification System

The DUO-2000 whole house air purification system is a high intensity induct air purifier system and a proven IAQ solution. The DUO-2000 is ozone free. The DUO Air Sanitizers and Odor Reducers combines PRO-CELL and AirFresh technologies for optimal and complete whole house air purification. DUO whole house air purification system induct air sanitizer reduce airborne pathogens, deconstructing volatile organic compounds, and reduces odors. Powerful UVC light reduces airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi. It works like an air sanitizer reducing 93.6% of airborne germs in 2 hours and neutralizing 88% odors and VOCs in 2 hours.

What is PCO? Photo Catalytic Oxidation or PCO is a chemical reaction that utilizes a catalyst and a form of activation energy to break down complex and often toxic organic compounds into simple, safe molecules, namely carbon dioxide and water. A catalytic converter on an automobile is an example of this process to reduce smog. Toxic gasoline by-products that would contribute to smog are converted, under pressure and heat, into safe and breathable carbon dioxide and water vapor. PCO technology is effectively used in hospitals, airports, retail stores, casinos, commercial offices and homes.

Duo air purifying systems do not produce harmless ozone. Learn what the Center for Disease Control says about ozone.

What is PRO-Cell™ technology? PRO-Cell is an advanced, patented form of PCO used for indoor air treatment. PRO-Cell technology uses titanium dioxide coated Catalytic Aluminum Substrate as a catalyst to maximize surface area and contact time. The powerful UV light acts as the activation energy to efficiently trigger the PCO reaction. When harmful VOCs, gaseous contaminants, and odors contact the catalyst surface, they are converted to harmless, odor-free water vapor and carbon dioxide.

When mounted near the AC-coil, DUO-2000 whole house air sanitizers keep the AC-coil free of fungi, mold and toxic organics. These air purifiers also allow the HVAC system to run more efficiently, while reducing maintenance costs and energy usage.

How Effective is UV for Air Purification? Download the the FieldREPORT.

Accessories/Parts: Replacement Lamp

Specifications of the DUO-2000

Model Part Number Sizing (tons) Voltage Lamp Intensity Bacterial Germicidal Reduction Toxic Gas Reduction (VOCs) Pressure Drop
(in WC)
μW/cm²@1m μW/cm²@1in μW/cm²@0in
UV-16/24 46510801 1.5 to 5.0 24 62 7,874 21,948 99% 99.3% .02


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