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Healthy Hearth System

A sealed hearth with all the benefits of an open hearth.

Flue Sentinel® turns the hearth, firebox, and chimney into a Healthy Hearth System™. A healthy hearth with Flue Sentinel operates safely and efficiently without negatively impacting the home’s overall efficiency and design. Flue Sentinel systems have enough draft to ensure that exhaust goes up the chimney, a sealed damper to automatically open and close the vent or chimney, and safety interlocks to prove safe operation every time the fire is lit. An efficient and effective flue and hearth solution is critical for a healthy home.

A direct source for combustion air can be included to provide a truly “sealed” system. The Fresh Air Damper and vent damper open in unison and the hearth operates as a sealed system. The illustration above demonstrates the primary requirements of a healthy hearth.

Flue Sentinel

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