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Indoor Air Quality for Commercial Applications

Packaged and Custom Solutions

Field Controls commercial air quality systems incorporate our patented PRO-Cell™ technology for VOC and microbial reduction. Our products are ideal for office buildings, hospitals, airports, casinos, medical clinics, restaurants, daycare facilities, and more.

Each commercial application has special air quality needs and challenges. Field Controls offers a comprehensive solution that is scalable, customizable, and effective. Field Controls advanced PCO technology, PRO-Cell, combines high output UVC germicidal irradiation with state of the art photocatalytic oxidation process that reduces VOCs and odors. Field Controls also combines high efficiency filtration for a complete indoor air quality solution for clean, pure, odor-free air and a healthier, people-friendly environment.

PRO-Cell™ Technology

Field Controls

PRO-Cell™ Testing Charts

“We like the Healthy Home System because it can be customized for any application, any budget.”

— John Williford, Comfortmaster Contractors

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