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Why Offer IAQ?

Better Air For Better Business.

To help you build your business, we offer a series of tools to increase your product knowledge, help you educate your customers about IAQ, and ultimately, boost your sales and profitability. Those tools include everything from videos and training to custom proposals. Better indoor air quality and comfort means the Healthy Home System is a critical component that help reduces allergies and asthma symptoms.

healthy home system

Homeowners Want Better Air

Homeowners want to control airborne dust, pollen and dander. They want to reduce bacteria, viruses and mold. They also want to eliminate odors and toxic gases that can permeate their homes. We will teach you how to talk about IAQ to homeowners and present the Healthy Home System as a solution for air that is clean, pure and fresh all year-round. IAQ is as much about comfort as it is health. Ask us about our Contractor Tool Kit.

Top 3 Allergy Triggers

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), indoor air contains three types of pollutants: Germs, Particulates, and Gases. This pollution is a major source for allergic reactions.

allergy relief wih air filtering

Crunch Your Numbers and Find Out

Technicians are not sales people by nature, but we break down the selling process into steps so they can provide an IAQ solution. You know the number of HVAC installs you do a year. You also know the number of maintenance calls you have a year. Crunch your numbers to determine your estimate profit by offering IAQ.


Healthy Home System

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“Very easy to install, less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Customer’s sinus issues cleared up overnight.” – RJD Heating, MI

“The Duo-14 was very easy to install. It took about 20 minutes, give or take 5 minutes. What sparked my interest was not only the ease of installation, but the ease of bulb replacement. I have had one prior and it did keep smells down and kept my coil cleaner. I am sure this will do just the same or better.” — All Seasons Heating & A/C Inc., VA

“I am familiar with the technology that the Duo-2000 is using and I am very excited to experience the product’s performance. It was nice to feel the quality of the unit when I removed the unit from the package. The backer plate and cover are heavy gauge steel, (not a cheap plastic cover which is all too common these days). The installation was very simple, and took no time at all.” — Efficient Energy Enterprises Inc., MI

“The installation was very easy. It took about an hour or so to complete everything. My wife has asthma and also a bad cough for close to a month now and she has already started to notice an improvement in her breathing in the last week.” — P G Heating & Cooling, MI

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