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Custom PCO Panel Systems

PCO panels are ideal for large commercial applications

Scalable PRO-Cell™ systems can be installed in most commercial applications. Combining banks of prefilters, UVC lights, PRO-Cell™ panels and post-filters can efficiently clear the air of odors, smoke and germs in any large facility.

PRO-Cell Panel

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Field Controls

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Scalable Panel System for Large Installations

The Field Controls PRO-Cell™ Panel System consists of an array of UVC germicidal lamps in close proximity to one or two banks of PCO panels. An optional carbon filter bank is available downstream. These PCO panels are ideal for large commercial applications and can be scaled to greatly reduce VOCs, odors, germs, and particulates in any size system. The Field Controls PCO Panel System installs in the air handling unit or HVAC ductwork, completely out of sight. This system is completely customizable, scalable, and is ideal for large commercial HVAC ductwork.

Field Controls
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