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New Catalytic Aluminum Substrate

Duo Design Upgrade And Performance Enhancement

Bonded With Nano-Particulate Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

We are pleased to provide a new Duo Catalytic Aluminum Substrate, which is now standard in the Duo Product Line. We have been working on this design upgrade and performance enhancement for over a year. With the current focus on neutralizing viruses, we are launching ahead of schedule. We are including a 1-page insert in all packaging explaining the change. Download Duo package insert.

The new substrate is a woven fine aluminum wire grid and a key reactive component of PRO-Cell Technology which is featured in Duo air purification products. TiO2 nano-particulate catalyst is permanently bonded to the substrate. When UVC energy is radiated on the catalyst, the TiO2 molecule is excited and the reactive process of purification is initiated.

The updated catalytic substrate enhances the Duo treatment zone and its effectiveness in neutralizing bacteria and viruses, while also improving the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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New Duo-2000 3D Video

Watch and share this NEW Duo-2000 video with your customers. It’s on our website and our YouTube channel.

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