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The Healthy Home System


healthy home system

Whole Home Air Filtering

The Healthy Home System is the best whole house air purification system on the market. The Healthy Home System addresses all top 3 allergy triggers and gives your customers a total solution for allergies, odors, dust and germs. The Healthy Home System can also add to the bottom line of your business. The Healthy Home System is totally customizable and is compatible with virtually any forced-air HVAC system. The basic Healthy Home System includes 4 components:

• State-of-the-art MERV 8, 11 or 13 Media Air Cleaners featuring, space-saving FlexFilter® replacement filters.
• The ultimate in germicidal protection and coil irradiation with UV-Aire® or FlexMountUV® whole-house air purifiers.
• Odor and VOC gases control in the patented PRO-Cell™ Healthy Home System Duo & Trio whole-house air purifiers.
• HHSC+ control intelligently manages the central fan to ensure clean, pure, fresh air year-round.

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