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Webinar: FAVC/FAPV - Fresh Air Ventilation Control and Power

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Title: FAVC/ FAPV – Fresh Air Ventilation Control and Power

Synopsis: The FAVC is designed to meet the requirements of ASHRAE 62.2 2016 standard for ventilation by delivering fresh air ventilation all year long while conserving energy and providing homeowner comfort. The FAVC continuously monitors indoor relative humidity and outside temperature and uses the fresh air duct to regulate humidity in the winter months and to prevent humid conditions in summer months. The FAPV is a packaged, powered ventilation system that meets ASHRAE 62.2 based ventilation standards by providing a filtered, constant and verifiable delivery of fresh air into the living space where fresh air is required by code.


  • Who Is Field Controls
  • What is the Fresh Air Ventilation Control or FAVC
  • Setting the FAVC
  • FAVC Features and Benefits
    • 30 Minute Ventilation Cycle Time
    • 3 Climate Settings
    • Humidity Sensing and Inhibit
    • Make Up Air and Exhaust
    • Make Up Air Options
    • Energy Saving Options
  • Damper Features and Benefits
    • Power Open/Power Close
    • Neoprene Seal
  • FAPV Features and Benefits
    • Cost Effective Balanced Air
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Air Dilution and Proper Mixing of Air
    • Make-Up Air
    • Continuous and Intermittent Run Cycles
    • Air Filter Equipped
    • Airflow-Operated Backdraft Damper
    • Qualifies for Certified GREEN, LEED and Other Energy Programs
  • Questions & Answers

Date: Friday, March 19 at 10am or 2pm EST

Length: 45 minute presentation followed by Q&A

Speaker: Ozden Karakurt, Southeast Regional Manager

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    March 19 at 10am EST
    March 19 at 2pm EST

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