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Webinar: FAPV - Fresh Air Power Ventilator

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Title: FAPV – Fresh Air Power Ventilator

Synopsis: The FAPV (Fresh Air Power Ventilator) is an in-line duct-connected fan that provides fresh outdoor air to meet indoor ventilation code requirements and occupant preferences. Managed mechanical Fresh Air Ventilation improves air quality by diluting the indoor air with fresh outdoor air that is of significanly lower concentration of contaminants. Fresh Air Ventilation and Make Up Air can help stabilize the pressurization of the home eliminating the potential for contaminants to enter the home through uncontrolled areas of infiltration.


  • Introduction
  • Why Ventilation
  • Specifications
  • Product Feature/Component Identification
  • Installation
  • Determining Mixed Air Temperatures
  • Wiring
  • Determining Performance
  • Maintenance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Review

Date: Tuesday, April 13 at 8am or 2pm EST

Length: 45 minute presentation followed by Q&A

Speaker: Tim Begoske, Midwest Regional Manager Sr. Technical Advisor

Fresh Air Power Ventilator, make up air, FAPV

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    April 13 at 8am EDT
    April 13 at 2pm EDT

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