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Webinar: Proven Solutions for Aerosol Risk Reduction

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Title: Layered Aerosol Risk Reduction Strategy

Synopsis: Improving HVAC ventilation and filtration can help reduce aerosol transmission. However, added ventilation could increase energy cost 2 to 4-fold depending on climate and current ventilation settings. Filtration guidance has been provided recommending filter improvement to MERV-13 or higher when possible. But many systems may not be able to tolerate the increased pressure drop without equipment problems.


  • Current Situation
  • Facts
  • Source Management
  • Social Distancing
  • What Can We Do?
    • Engineering Controls
      • Ventilation
      • Filtration
      • Source Reduction

Date: Friday, May 18 at 2pm EST

Length: 45 minute presentation followed by Q&A

Speaker: Tim Begoske, Midwest Regional Manager Sr. Technical Advisor

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