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IAQ Solution Training for HVAC Contractors

Since 32% of homeowners purchase IAQ products when presented options, we provide in-depth training on how to sell IAQ and the Healthy Home System™. We show HVAC contractors how to talk about IAQ and indoor air pollution, educate the homeowner, and then present the best solution for each home. All classes are NATE and NORA certified.

Contractor Portal

Field Controls has helped turn HVAC contractors and technicians into IAQ experts. We help you talk about IAQ and how our products are solutions to homeowner needs and issues. Our Healthy Home System™ whole house air purification system combined with our sales tools and training gives you and your team the tools they need to easily succeed in providing IAQ solutions. Each contractor receives in-depth product knowledge and sales training. We provide the step-by-step process as well as provide marketing tools to educate customers on IAQ and turn maintenance calls into IAQ solutions. Our Contractor Portal is the hub for all of these assets and training. Ask us about our Contractor Tool Kit.

Field Controls HVAC Contractors

HVAC Contractors and the Healthy Home System™

Homeowners understand the benefits of breathing air that is Fresh, Clean, and Pure, and are willing to pay for it. They like the idea that it piggybacks on their existing forced air system, and they especially like the price. The Healthy Home System™ is the most complete residential IAQ system on the market, built around the innovative Healthy Home System™ Control that integrates the central fan with the other components. IAQ is about indoor air and homeowner comfort.

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