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EvenAir Comfort Control

Modulates air delivery to balance temperatures

The Comfort Problem

Get EvenAir comfort through the home. Multi-level homes find discomfort due to uneven temperatures from the heating and cooling system. Rising heat, sun exposure and windows can cause the living and bedroom (sleeping) areas to be uncomfortably warm or uncomfortably cool. The upper level sleeping area of a 2-story home during the summer cooling season will feel too warm. The lower level living area during the winter heating season will feel too cool. The sleeping area and living area of a single story home can be too warm or too cool depending on exposure. Get EvenAir comfort through out the home.

The EvenAir Solution

The EvenAir® Whole House Comfort Control System works with your heating and cooling appliances to bring temperature balance to your home. EvenAir® system thermostat monitors the sleeping area and living area temperatures. The comfort control automatically adjusts the system airflow. Uniform air delivery balances temperatures for a comfortable home. It is more cost effective than a zoning system.

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