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EvenAir Whole House Comfort Control
Ensures Even Temperatures.

The Comfort Problem

The EvenAir® Whole House Comfort Control System works with heating and cooling appliances to bring temperature balance to the home. EvenAir® monitors the sleeping area and living area temperatures and automatically adjusts the system airflow. Uniform air delivery balances temperatures for a comfortable home.

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Cost Savings

EvenAir uses fewer components and requires less labor. For Residential New Construction, EvenAir uses fewer components. EvenAir also reduces the number of wires to be connected to 13. That’s a cost saving in material and labor compared to a zoning system.

The EvenAir® Solution

The EvenAir® solves the problem of uneven comfort by dynamically adjusting the airflow based on the temperature differences in the sleeping area and living space. If the temperatures differ by more than 2° the EvenAir dampers automatically adjust to increase airflow to where it is needed.

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How EvenAir® Works

  1. An EvenAir thermostat monitors the temperature in two locations (sleeping area and living area) to maintain even temperatures throughout the home.
  2. The second temperature sensor, located in the sleeping area, is checked every 2 minutes during heating and cooling modes.
  3. When the temperatures differ by more than 2 degrees, airflow is automatically adjusted. Each EvenAir damper is adjusted by 2% in the appropriate direction to increase airflow where it is needed. This modulates air delivery to balance temperature throughout the home.

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“EvenAir™ is a break-through in residential home comfort. It replaces the traditional thermostat and solves the pervasive problem with bedrooms being too hot or too cold compared to the living area.  EvenAir simply monitors temperature sensors in sleeping and living areas and modulates air delivery to keep them equal. EvenAir™ is not a zoning system. It delivers reliable comfort without the expense of a zoning panel or bypass damper.  This is a game changer for residential new construction and retrofit!” — Patrick Holleran, Field Controls President

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