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Typical commercial applications include:

      • Printing Companies
      • Nail & Hair Salons
      • In Vitro Fertilization Clinics
      • Schools
      • Clean Rooms
      • Laboratories
      • Medical Clinics
      • Pet Stores
      • Vet Hospitals
      • Fabric and Carpet Stores
      • Health Clubs
      • All Environments with Inks, Solvents, and VOC-Generating Chemicals


Standard configuration includes:

• One MERV 13 high efficiency filter
• Three patented PRO-Cell™ PCO modules
• One additional slot for a post-filter

System Options

Recirculating systems can be outfitted with an optional post filter to trap targeted gases or with an all-purpose charcoal filter to further control odors.

Exhausting systems can be outfitted with a third PRO-Cell™ module with specialized output to completely eliminate odors emitted outside the building.