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Control kit for power venter SWG and CV Power Venters

Control Kits for Power Venters For Gas 750MV Fired Appliances

Select the Proper Control Kit–CK-81 or CK-21–for Gas 750mv Fired Appliance Applications

Control Kits (CK) control the operation of SWG and CV Power Venters. Control Kits can also control the operation of Field Draft Inducers. The CK-81 is used for commercial water / pool heater with 750 millivolt operated boilers, furnaces, water heaters, pool or spa heaters and gas-fired fireplaces when operated with a remote mounted thermostat or on/off switch. Operated off a 24 VAC circuit. A secondary safety switch should be used with a CK-81. The CK-21 is used for instantaneous water heater with 750 millivolt operated gas-fired appliances with pressure tap port in the burner manifold.

Control Kits for SWG and CV Power Venters are ETL approved accessories when used in conjunction with the SWG Power Venter.

Which Control Kit Do I Need?

The SWG or ComboVent must be sized to match the appliance or appliances’ input firing rate. Most firing rates are published in the manufacturer’s installation manual. The SWG and ComboVent must be installed with a CK Control Kit to ensure proper listing and safe, efficient venting. Refer to the Contractor Reference Guide to select the proper kit for your application.

Water Heater Gas Pressure Switch Check-Out Procedure

  1. Following water heater manufacturer’s instructions to light the pilot, turn the gas control valve to the ON position.
  2. Open the hot water faucet; this should energize the venter. Next, close the hot water faucet; this
    should de-energize the venter.
  3. Repeat Step 2 to assure proper operation.

Safety Spillage Switch Check-Out Procedure

  1. Allow water heater to heat up to operating temperature by opening the hot water faucet, then
    disconnect the power supply to the venter.
  2. Allow approximately 2 minutes for the spillage switches to sense the spillage of flue gas and
    de-energize the thermocouple circuit. This will halt the gas fl ow to the pilot and burner.
  3. Wait 2 or 3 minutes, reset spillage switches and relight pilot. Then perform a second spillage test (Steps 1 and 2).
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