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Steam Humidifier Replacement Parts Water Hammer Arrester
Steam Humidifier Replacement Parts Water Hammer Arrester
Steam Humidifier Replacement Parts Air Proving Device
Water Catridge
Internal Duct Bracket
Under Duct Bracket
Thermal Cut Off Assembly
Heater Assembly
Solenoid Valve
Thermistor Probe
Circuit Board Assembly
Water Level Probe
Drain Valve Assembly
Tank Baffle Assembly
Insulation Kit
Z100 Anode
Steam Humidifier Replacement Parts Water Hammer ArresterSteam Humidifier Replacement Parts Air Proving DeviceWater CatridgeInternal Duct BracketUnder Duct BracketThermal Cut Off AssemblyHeater AssemblySolenoid ValveThermistor ProbeCircuit Board AssemblyWater Level ProbeDrain Valve AssemblyTank Baffle AssemblyInsulation KitZ100 Anode

Highlights of the Steam Humidifier Replacement Parts

    • WATER HAMMER ARRESTOR: Eliminates pipe noise and provides a smooth water flow
    • AIR PROVING DEVICE: Measures airflow before engaging the heating element
    • INTERNAL AND UNDER DUCT BRACKET: Makes servicing steam humidifiers faster and simpler by proving permanent mounting brackets

Features of the Steam Humidifier Replacement Parts & Accessories

Steam Humidifiers from Field Controls provide the perfect level of humidity in the home and are designed to be energy efficient and easy to use. We offer a wide range of accessories for the Model S2000 and Model S2020 whole house steam humidifiers, making it easy to create a comfortable atmosphere in any home.

Reliable Performance

Our steam humidifiers are easy to install and use minimal electricity, making them safe for use in any home. We also offer a Water Hammer Arrestor, which eliminates pipe noise, as well as an Air Proving Device, which prove air flow before engaging the heating element. The Internal Duct Bracket and Under Duct Bracket are permanent mounting brackets that make servicing steam humidifiers quicker and easier.

Steam Humidifier Parts & Accessories should be installed by a licensed contractor. Find a contractor in your area.

Specifications of the Steam Humidifier Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts & Accessories
Model Part Number Description
WH-100 094078A0001 Water Hammer Arrester
APD 090558A0001 Air Proving Device
WC-25 900010125 Water Catridge Unit
IDB 094021A2040 Internal Duct Bracket
UDB 094021A2041 Under Duct Bracket
TCO-257 46645200 Bimetallic Thermal Cutoff
2120 094021A0201 120 Volt Heater Assembly
2240 094021A0202 240 Volt Heater Assembly
2001 094021A0203 24 Volt Solenoid Valve Assembly
2002 094021A0205 Thermistor Probe Assembly
2003 094021A0204 Water Level Probe Assembly
2010 094021A0206 120 Volt Circuit Board Assembly
2011 094021A0207 220 Volt Circuit Board Assembly
2006 094021A0208 Drain Valve Assembly
2007 094021A0209 Tank Baffle
2008 094021A0210 Insulation Kit
Z100 094021A0211 Anode


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