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A Fresh Solution for Fireplace Combustion Air

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(Kinston, NC) – Field Controls, manufacturers of the Flue Sentinel® line of chimney fans and dampers, has introduced a line of Combustion Air Systems for gas, oil, and wood fireplaces. The systems provide an on-demand, reliable source of fresh air directly into the firebox to help maximize fuel efficiency and provide for consistent fireplace operation and safety.

The Combustion Air Systems can be integrated into the gas log controls and Flue Sentinel products to create what the company calls a “Healthy Hearth”. “Our new Combustion Air Damper is an ideal way to bring in outside air for gas fireplaces,” says Patrick Holleran, President of Field Controls. “It provides much-needed fresh air for fireboxes in high-efficiency homes, and closes automatically, once a fire is out for maximum energy efficiency.”

The primary components of the system include a Combustion Air Damper and an Intake Air Hood. When there is a call for fire, the Combustion Air Damper opens to allow outside air to flow into the firebox for combustion. Once the fire is out, the damper closes automatically to eliminate drafts and reduce heating and cooling costs. The housing and damper are made of stainless steel. The ultra-reliable motor powers the damper open and closed within fifteen seconds. Four sizes are available – 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10”.

Flue Sentinel® products are manufactured by Field Controls, a leader in air movement, air control, and air quality products.

Field Controls
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