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Certified Training Product Sheet

Certified Training Programs Brochure

Our training classes are continually updated to include the latest industry information, technology and trends. Each of the classes are NORA and NATE certified and qualify for two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion.
Healthy Hearth Product Guide

Flue Sentinel Automatic Flue Damper Brochure

Flue Sentinel is an electronic damper that automatically opens when you turn on your gas logs and closes when you turn them off. It’s installed at the top of your chimney.
flue Applications, chimney top; chimney fan; chimney fan for fireplace

Flue Applications

A Flue Sentinel®, flue applications, and open hearth are part of a well designed home. A Healthy Hearth System with Flue Sentinel is effectively sealed, maximizing energy efficiency by keeping the warm air in when not in use. The sealing…

Vent Riser Product Sheet

Vent Riser Sales Sheet

Perfect for basement installations where a window well must be used or when a vent terminal cannot be mounted to maintain a minimum 12” clearance above grade.

Thermal Safety Switches Guide

Our thermal safety switches efficiently detect flue gas spillage due to a blocked flue, continuous down drafting or inadequate draft condition.
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